About NLP

Carol is a registered NLP practitioner with the National Federation of Neurolinguistic Programming – since October 2010.

NLP “Neuro Linguistic Programming ( or Psychology )” makes the path to great health, wealth, abundance, and inner peace enjoyable.


NLP can remove unwanted habits and addictions such as:

  • alcohol,
  • drugs, pills,
  • overweight, or eating disorders
  • smoking,
  • anxiety, traumatic experiences and PTSD, phobias,
  • sexual issues,
  • stress reactions

NLP can improve your quality of life such as:

  • You can improve at work,
  • improve at relationships,
  • improve your body,
  • improve overall abundance manifestation,
  • improve your conciousness,
  • improve your self image,
  • and improve your self confidence.

NLP is a science and an art in the study of human excellence.  The early pioneers, the linguist ( Grinder ) and a mathematician ( Bandler ) had interests in successful people’s behaviours, psychology, language and computer programming.  They put the study together and developed it to the successful level that it is now.

NLP is a science because it has accuracy and precision concerning sequences of the behaviours of a human being. It is also an art because it relates to the complexity and uniqueness of the individual.   NLP is a very effective set of tools used to help people change by teaching them to recode their brains.

NLP works directly with the sub-conscious mind to influence your conscious thoughts, words and actions.