Business Services

(1) Design, Host and/or Maintain Your Website With Big Data, Social Media, Search Engines, and Statistics

(2) Flyers, Advertising, And Business Invoices/Cards/Forms Designed and Implemented For You

(3) Customer and Sales Online Surveys Designed, Distributed, and Results Statistically Summarized For You

(4) Special System Designs Include Big Data Applications, Mobile Applications, Email Communications, Reservation Functions, E-Commerce Shopping Carts, Auction, Event Notices and Ticketing, and Calendar Systems

(5) Branding, Logos, Letterhead, Photography, Video Content Creation

(6) Small Business Financial and Tax Accounting Consultations

(7) Maintain All Or Any Of Your Services With Us On an Ongoing Basis, And Keep You Up to Date With Your Competition

(8) Computer Consulting, Repair, and Training