Website Services

Watch a video summary of website services here

(1) Create, transfer, and/or maintain your domain name

Choosing a domain name is an important task that is best done mindfully.  Your domain name defines your online presentation for a very long time.  Not only is it present with the website address on all your marketing material, business cards, etc… Your email addresses contain the domain name, and any sub-domains you create in the future also contain the domain name. Having a domain that is easy to remember, descriptive, and catchy is best.

(2)  Design your website to fit your unique needs ( Using any kind of  MOBILE APP, HTML, WORDPRESS, JAVA, JSF, JOOMLA, DRUPAL, PHP, CSS, Site Generators, Image Editors, etc… )

What online vision or presence do you have for yourself? Until you create your actual vision online, you will not feel the work is complete.

Your direction would best constantly move forward and grow with us, until you feel you are represented in the manner you want to be seen. We have the knowledge and tools to create your vision for you, and working with an objective impartial observer can be very helpful.

(3) Maintain and/or host your website on an ongoing basis, keeping you current with your competitors 

The most constant thing in life is change. Your website will be maintained along with your online image on an ongoing basis with attention to market changes, and progress in market trends.

The world is a competitive place and you will be able to keep current with your competition. There are always new things happening and a new way to present your online image.
If you feel that your online look is getting to a point that a refresher is needed we can give you a fresh attractive look.

(4) Connect you fully into social media with followers, sharing, and visitor trending (on facebook, linkedin, twitter, blogger, youtube, pinterest, etc…) 

Social media is a growing priority for most businesses and people online. This type of media is great for communicating with your networks and for getting new leads.

We will help you setup all your needs on social media so that you will be able to communicate the information to your friends, clients or customers any time you need to.  People can share your information with their networks, friends and colleagues also. Valuable referrals can happen for you online with social media apps.

(5) Send and summarize your website traffic information, referrals, and statistics 

Analyzing your web traffic can be a valuable key to your business interests online.  We can supply the information and source of your referrals, number of visits to your pages and from where they are coming from.  We have the information of the time of day, time of month and time of year, so that you can summarize your flow of people to your online pages and understand trends that are occurring.  There is beneficial information available from tracking online traffic.

If you are interested in pursuing this, please ask for a sample of the statistics or perhaps you would prefer a special setup like google analytics that you can continually monitor the activity yourself.

(6) Connect your website to all major online search engines and online business directories 

Search engine information is imperative if you would like people to find you, and helps your customer leads increase. Most people are using google searches and directory searches regularly to find services that they require.

Your description and keywords and a proper setup are key to the right people accessing your information and finding you online

(7) Special system designs and implementations include Big Data Applications, Mobile Applications, Email Communications, Reservation Functions, E-Commerce Shopping Carts, Auction, Event Notices and Ticketing, and Calendar Systems.

Everyone has special needs online. We are usually quite able to cater to your needs whatever they may be.  Please share what you envision creating and we will do our best to build what you require.  No matter how unique you require your online presence to be, please share the details because the possibilities are really endless.

Often people need an appointment calendar for managing time, or a reservation system for a restaurant or therapist. Possibly an email newsletter sent regularly to a customer list, or a membership system with fees and events.  Do you need any special functions online?

(8) Recommend continuous enhancements and improvements for your online image and presence 

Everyone has special needs online, and often a very specialized niche that makes them unique. We do our best to cater to your unique needs and then continue to make recommendations to you regarding the future direction of your online pages.